OMG! What is the Rider doing

I was sitting outside a nearby coffee bar with my companions, neighboring Sanda Road when a bicycle came colliding with the trail close us. A young man matured around 16-18 lay on the asphalt in a pool of blood.
The young man had been riding his motorbike on the back-wheel through the city’s busiest street at high speeds. Unfortunately, he was not able control his bicycle. This was the first occasion when I experienced such a fierce mishap and I appeal to Allah that it might be the last.

Motorcyclists like this person can be discovered showing their hazardous tricks on occupied streets of Pakistan without taking even fundamental careful steps like wearing a protective cap. These bikers go through the boulevards on events like the eve of Independence Day, New Year, Eid, Shab-e-Baraat and numerous others. We now observe a similar bikers doing their tricks in various energizes and dissents. We frequently read and hear news about mischances caused by these one-wheelers. Not exclusively do they put their own life in peril, they jeopardize those of others also. The administration needs to uphold strict laws to take out this risky movement.

The act of one-wheeling has been in operation for the last 15-18 years in Lahore and we can now discover it in different urban communities and towns of Pakistan. Late years have seen a disturbing ascent in this hazardous pattern among the adolescent in Pakistan. These thrill seekers are regularly observed driving their bicycles amid the day and night on the back wheel, juggling at the same time and performing different unsafe tricks like lying level on the seat of a moving bicycle, driving conversely and doing different risky traps while their lady friends ride with them. A large portion of these bicycles keep running without silencers and the bikers try to give their bicycles a total make-over so they have astonishing headlights, cumbersome outlines without curved guards and fuel tanks decorated in various hues.

Some of these adolescents are likewise those included in criminal exercises, badgering and versatile grabbing and other robbery. They evade activity policemen and damage movement laws. An uncommon operation has now been propelled against one-wheelers and many cases have been enrolled.
The administration ought to set up safe race tracks for riders and depute unique mentors where riders can partake in biking exercises in a solid and safe condition.

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