Fearless Pak Army soldiers embrace martyrdom

India and Pakistan are two of the most powerful countries in South Asia. Each of them has always tried to dominant to one or other way. Both countries are nuclear power. And they spend around billion of dollars on purchases of weapons from Russia and United States of America. There have always been up and down in both neihbouring countries. During the partition in 1947 of sub-continent either people had powers to go in a Pakistan or india or the ruler of the states were given authority to choose their destiny. Sindh, Bengal, blaochistan, KPK by that time it was known as NWFP voted in favor of Pakistan. Many other showed their wish but they did not make their way. After partition there have been several wars fought in between two countries to show their dominancy in the region. Three major wars fought between both countries in1948,1965 and 1971.

Thousands of soldiers lost their life. Thousands families were victimized on each side. Many mothers lost their sons. Many wives lost their husbands. Many children lost their father. Many sisters lost their brothers. Thousands soldiers were taken captives in 1971 war and then returned. There is still disputed land in between these countries called Kashmir. Wars were fought on to get this disputed land from each other. Kashmiri people wanted to join the Pakistan at the time of Partition but his leader raja dhaair at that time refused people’s will and took bribe from higher authorities of India and stayed with india. People of Kashmir has sacrificed many of their brave soldiers in this cause to join Pakistan. They want referendum to be held in Kashmir so that they should show their desire to this world that where they want to go. They have showed this on different occasion that they want to join Pakistan by holding Pakistani flags in rallies but world bet no eye.

There was a time when any statement on Kashmir, either by the prime minister of India or that of Pakistan used to create a rumpus. Politicians and the media on both sides would dwell for several days on what a particular remark tried to convey.

Video Link: http://telegraphpak.com/2017/04/26/fearless-pak-army-soldiers-embrace-martyrdom-video/

Pakistan Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said the other day that his country would seek a solution on Kashmir through dialogue, not hostilities. I have not seen any comment in India nor have I found any Pakistani opposition leaders or the press taking notice of it. More significant has been the silence of armed groups. The usual Pakistani reiteration that Kashmir would not be allowed to stay on the backburner is there. President Asif Ali Zardari said last week that Pakistan has not forgotten Kashmir. But this does not change the ground realities which have recognised that the line of control is the border between India and Pakistan.