Saddam Hussein Execution Full version

Unites states of America is considered to be one of the powerful country around the world. It will not be wrong to say that there isn’t any single decision which doesn’t get United states of America involved. They put their all potential to influence the third world countries such as Asian countries including Pakistan India Srilanka Afghanistan Iraq and more like them. They are the one who are considered to be the global leaders.

World has witnessed that they have been influential since the cold world war. United states of America have tried to put up pressure on every third world countries for their personal gain. As we all know united states of America is a country with most consumption power of any product around the globe. They are the one who consume most of the natural resources around the world. So to fulfill their needs they have tried their level best to get their personal gain or to get power or access to those sources through illegal way.

Since cold war they have dominated the world. They have attacked several times to many countries without their permission. United states of America have tried their best to influence countries like Afghanistan and Iraq just to get access on their oil dams gold and many other natural resources.

When the U.S. apparently pulled Saddam Hussein out of a hole under a mud hut in Iraq, the American government suddenly felt as though the war with Iraq was worthwhile, and that they had accomplished something. They had. They had managed to kill hundreds of American soldiers, thousands of Iraqi civilians, destroyed a nations infrastructure and stability, and caused the rest of the world to hate America more than ever, all for a war that was completely unnecessary, and started on false pretenses.

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