Criss Angel Magic Show

fans of the National Basketball Association have witnessed the magical play of Michael Jordan, as in slams and jams and flights of fancy. Now, and perhaps for the rest of the season, they`re about to witness the magic play of Jordan, as in Magic Johnson-like. And it sure is fancy. Why, it even had Indiana Pacers coach Dick Versace scratching his head after Jordan picked up 21 points, 14 rebounds and 14 assists in just three quarters as the Bulls pummeled the Pacers

Clare O’Connor never seemed to notice when she hurt herself. She regularly put her shoes on the wrong feet. And at school, the 6-year-old kindergartner often tumbled out of her chair while other pupils sat quietly at their desks. Clare’s parents long dismissed her awkward falls and other difficulties as quirks and clumsiness until an occupational therapist offered a surprising remedy – install a bungee swing in their living room. Bobbing regularly now from the elastic swing in
The trick is, as always, on us. That’s the way Trent Rivas wants it, the way all magicians do: a sleight of hand, an illusion, the belief that what you see can’t be possible. About six years ago, Rivas began pulling off a trick that continues to amaze. He discovered magic, and it transformed him. It unlocked a part of his brain — a brain badly damaged at birth — and brought to life emotions and dexterity his awe-struck parents thought they’d never see. “I don’t know what we’d do without magic

Unbeknownst to me and perhaps plenty of you, there is an entire subculture of magicians in Chicago, according to Benjamin Barnes, who performed during the weekend at the Annoyance in a show called, appropriately enough, “A Magic Evening.” Chicago, I think it’s fair to say, is not a town known for its breadth of magic entertainment, particularly magic shows staged at a theater better known for its offbeat and often ribald comedy shows. But the.
Fans of flicks such as 2006’s “The Prestige” and “The Illusionist” will find Mike Super’s talents mesmerizing and jaw-dropping. From the NBC show “Phenomenon,” Super will attempt feats of amazement before a live audience. In addition to trying to lift an audience member more than 4 feet off the ground, Super will make a full-size automobile appear onstage. How does he do it? Well, knowing would just ruin the suspense. Every trick has a catch or a twist — are any of us naive enough to believe in

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