Meher Bukhari – Pictures leaked by Indian Hackers

Anchors are to be considered as one of the respected personalities all around the world. Journalism in one of the best field in PAKISTAN. There are thousands students who are taking interest in this field. Anchors who talk about the truth and facts in their live shows are paid more amount than other fields in Pakistan. It is one of the fastest growing institution in the world and in Pakistan too it is growing rapidly.

This increasing media has started war in between in major channels in Pakistan. They are taking competition to some next level. Some of these channels are still following the right path of the ethics and rights while other are only focusing on marketing share and their TRP’S. it is to be said that think before you ink which means when you’re talking you need to think thousand time whether you’re talking in a right way or not. How much truth is in this? To whom you’re addressing. What is reality behind stuff you’re telecasting. Everything should come in your consideration because about 20 million people are watching you. A anchor must be trustworthy.

He or she must talk about the facts and figures if possible he should also give some reasonable references for verification. In this article we will be focusing on the top five anchors in the Pakistan which have some good fan following around Pakistan. Anchor have duty on his shoulder to deliver the right information to the viewers he or she must not be biased. He should stay neutral in all aspects whether that information is political or any other information. Many of them have good fan following while others are considered as biased. People nowadays can judge any anchor very easily as they are now very well aware of the information due to hype in social media

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