Man Comes Out From Grave

Muslims believe that there is a life hereafter. Muslims are true believer that there will be life hereafter and muslims will be either rewarded or punished. Those muslims who will be rewarded will enter in Jannah and those who get punished will enter in hellfire. It is believed by muslims that one day there in life hereafter would be equal to 270 years of this world.

When muslims are buried and left by their relatives in the grave would be accountable to ALLAH and three angels will appear to the body of the muslim and will ask three questions that how did you spent your life in the world? How did you spend your wealth in the world? And how often you offered prayers? Who is your LORD? If muslim would clear this stage they will enter in Jannah and if they did not clear this stage they will be ordered to throw in hellfire where they will spend rest of their life in hell fire and it is also believing that muslims are send this world to examine. ALLAH test them that whether they will spend their life according to islam or they will follow the way of devil. Shaitan will try his level best to de track muslims from right way.

Muslims are asked to obey the right way of islam. They are asked to offer prayers five times in a day. Furthermore, they are asked to keep fasts in month of ramdhan. They are asked to pay zakat every month according to their wealth. Furthermore, for wealthy it is also said to be to perform hajj once in lifetime. These are five basic things in islam to be followed to avoid any punishment life here after. It is believe in muslims that no matter what all muslims will enter in Jannah.

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