London girl driver fail accident

There is a strong believe in muslims that there are two physical parts in muslims a body and soul. Muslims believe that there are physical parts one body that is to be buried after death and soul that will lives on after the death to be judged. Muslims believe that there is life hereafter and they use term Akhirah for life hereafter. Muslims also believe that life in this world is temporary like for 60 to 100 years and everybody will have to taste the death and akhirah which they consider as a permanent life would last forever.

It teaches that a human being not only has a body, but also has a ‘spirit’ given to him or her by God. The spirit is the seed from which a higher form of life grows within man, higher than physical life, just as the body has developed from a small ‘seed’. Just as in the world around us higher forms of life evolve from lower ones, similarly from the life of the individual in this world is evolved his higher ‘spiritual’ life. During his life, man’s deeds shape and mould his spirit, for better or worse, according to his deeds. When a person dies, the physical body is finished, but the spirit remains, as he or she had moulded it by their deeds when alive. That is the life after death.

Just as our physical actions and habits affect the body and leave their impressions upon it, so does the good or evil of our deeds affect the spirit and leave an impression upon it. Sometimes we can even feel something of the effect of a good or bad deed upon us. If we nourish the spirit through prayer to God and, with the strength we get from this, do good and righteous deeds, the spirit will develop and grow properly. But if the spirit is neglected, and bad deeds are done, it suffers harm. It is as if God has given each person a piece of soft clay. It is then up to the individual to shape it into something beautiful or ugly by his deeds.

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