Watch acrobatic bull make a splash

Bandit the bull performs a freedom dance leaping around with glee in a touching video after his life in chains is ended by a man from Austrian animal sanctuary Gut Aiderbichl.
He was set to spend his life locked to a pole, and can be seen tethered up by a brick wall confined to a tiny space in the corner of an outbuilding.
After being liberated Bandit cannot contain his excitement and is seen dancing and twirling wildly while experiencing his first taste of freedom.

Bandit can be seen in his old home tied up to a pole with no room to move.
Wearing a red company top, a rescue man from the sanctuary approaches Bandit who then reaches out to lick him.
Maybe he senses what is about to happen, or maybe he has never been comforted by a human before as the man strokes his head before releasing the tether around his neck.
For a second the bull cannot quite believe it, turning to his neighbours still chained up. He then jumps around bidding farewell to his caged companions.
After being driven to his new home in a wide open space covered with straw, Bandit performs what can only be described as a freedom dance leaping around the enclosure.
He pushes his head through the straw, and jumps off his back legs shaking his now chain-less neck freely side to side.

In the most touching gesture of all, Bandit approaches his saviour to thank him for his liberation.
It appears that Bandit may even have a tear in his eye nestling his head against the man’s leg.
The two face each other forehead to forehead in a sign of deep affection.
More than 500 rescued bulls, cows and calves call the sanctuary in Salzburg their home.
It is unknown whether all of Bandit’s old friends were freed as well.

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