Man Gives Birth to One child in Hospital

According to some reports from United States of America suggest that a male gave birth to a baby. Some reports suggest that these are only speculations; there isn’t any truth in such news. The video which we are showing next is about the viral video in which it’s shown with prove that a male is giving birth to a baby boy. When asked from the man that how did he conceive child? He replied that it was all by nature I did not do anything.

When asked about that he ever had any intercourse with any male? In this question he just passed a smile and said no I never had any intercourse with anyone. Everything happening to me is naturally. This is what I believe. In this video it is shown that reporters are trying to create problems for the person who conceived the baby boy by asking difficult questions. It was very hard for the person to accept this harsh reality that in the first time of the history a man conceived the baby boy.

When asked from reporters that when did he feel that he is being pregnant? In answer to this question he said that I did not know about anything. Few months before I had pain in my stomach so I thought to go for doctor checkup when doctor came out with report that you’re pregnant at first I thought that doctor is joking but soon after few days I showed these reports to some other doctors they said same thing and I was hell frustrated about this that how I am going to probe with this situation. How I am going to face all these things in this society. Will these things would be accepted by society or not.will society accept me or not?

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