Fake Peer Caught By SareAam Team

Islam is one of the largest and fast growing religions in the world. Some reports from international media say that around 50000 people convert to Islam fro different religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and many others. Islam is about 1400 years old. There are different beliefs in Muslims too. It is said in some of hadiths that there would be around 72 sects within the Muslims till the Day of Judgment but only one of them would enter in heaven. And it is said to be that the sect would be the one who has served for humanity.

As a true Muslim, one should have strong Faith in ALLAH that what so ever is happening in this world he is the planner and HE has all rights to do anything HE wants. A true Muslim should believe that ALLAH is the creator of everything and what so ever he is receiving is nothing but blessing of ALLAH. Nowadays muslims have forgotten their creator they have been too busy in their worldly things that they have stopped worshipping their creator. Muslims in the era of the Prophet (P.B.U.H) were identified with these qualities such trustworthy, honest,

brave and many other qualities but nowadays they are being identified as cheaters and cowards. We have changed our directions we are heading towards the wrong path we need to fix our directions as soon as possible so we should be able to receive countless blessing from ALLAH. We need to follow our Islamic ways rather that following western culture.

Video Link: http://telegraphpak.com/2017/04/22/fake-peer-caught-sareaam-team-video/