Olympics Games Serious Injuries

A teenage rape victim has committed suicide after an agonising court ordeal testifying against her attacker.
Lindsay Armstrong, 17, was ‘torn to shreds’ by a defence lawyer and made to hold up the g- string underwear she had been wearing at the time of the attack.
‘She said it was like being raped all over again,’ said her distraught father Frank last night.
The 14-year-old accused was found guilty and is awaiting sentence. Lindsay took an overdose and was found dead in bed by her mother on Tuesday morning.

Last night her parents said the ordeal in court was as much to blame for their daughter’s suicide as the rape itself.
‘When I think about what Lindsay went through it just tears me apart,’ said Mr Armstrong, a machine operator from New Cumnock, Ayrshire.
‘We were praying this animal would at least spare her the ordeal of giving evidence. But it didn’t happen and she ended up being torn to shreds by his lawyer after spending all day on the stand.
‘They basically called her a tart, who deserved to be raped. That’s how she felt.’
Mr Armstrong said his daughter, who wanted to travel the world and become a lawyer, left court unable to stop crying.

‘She said the worst part of being questioned was when she was forced to show the court her underwear. She was furious that they focused on her underwear and never mentioned that she wore jeans, a top, a jacket and boots. They pushed her to the limit and she never got over it.’
The rapist, who is now 15 and cannot be identified for legal reasons, was convicted on June 26 after a two-week trial at the High Court in Glasgow. He will appear for sentence next week.
The attack took place last September when the boy followed her home on the bus after she had spent the evening with friends. When they got off he dragged her into a park and raped her.

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