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If a believer visits a non Muslim patient, he should seek help from God and invite the patient to accept Islam.
One of the most important things to remember about a sick or injured believer is that the angels gather around him. The words spoken at the bedside should be gentle, kind words, full of supplications because the angels gathered there respond by saying ‘Ameen’ (this means: O God respond) to all that is uttered. The patient should also be asked what he desires and the believer must do his best to deliver it. Perhaps it is food or drink, to send a message or to see a particular family member or friend.
When death becomes inevitable

A dying person sees what we do not see. He may drift in and out of consciousness. He may become very weak, hearing, but unable to reply. This is known as the ‘death struggle’ and it is full of agonies we cannot imagine. When Aisha spoke about Prophet Muhammad’s death she said, “At the time of his death, he (Prophet Muhammad) dipped his hand in a water container and wiped it across his face saying, ‘There is no true deity but God! Indeed death is full of agonies’.”

There are a number of things that can be done to ease a dying person’s mind and help him to cope with the agonies. If it will not cause any discomfort he should lie facing the qibla, either on his right side or back. He can be prompted, very gently without any insistence to say the words, ‘there is no true deity but God.’ If possible these should be his last words before dying. A dying person should never be left alone and wetting his lips or putting a few drops of water in his mouth may ease his suffering somewhat.

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