Police Harassment with Lady

When the Los Angeles Police Department vice squad appeared at the front door of Robert Birch, a vocal opponent of the Porter Ranch development, alleging investigation of prostitution, it proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Police Department is either the toady of City Councilman Hal Bernson or in cahoots with the developer. Despite the weasel-worded incantations of Police Lt. Russ Leach and department mouthpiece Cmdr. William Booth, it is obvious to any student of dirty politics that this act was a deliberate attempt to harass Mr. Birch for his position on Porter Ranch.

I expected fireworks in South Los Angeles this week, when LAPD Chief Charlie Beck showed up at a community meeting to talk about Christopher Dorner, the ex-cop turned killer whose manifesto cast the department in an ugly light, resurrecting decades of buried wrongs. The crowd at the Vermont Avenue community center was small, about 100 people. But the line to speak stretched from the stage to the back of the room. Some came for answers, some just to vent. There were stories of ugly street stops and police harassment.

SERIES The Secret Life of the American Teenager: George (Mark Derwin) acts on his attraction to Ricky’s (Daren Kagasoff) mother, unaware that she’s already seeing someone else in this new episode (8 p.m. ABC Family). The Event: Sterling and the chief of staff (Zeljko Ivanek, Roger Bart) investigate possible conspirators when illness strikes the White House in this new episode (9 p.m. NBC). American Experience: In 1969, homosexual activity was a crime almost everywhere; even gay-friendly enclaves such as New York’s Greenwich Village weren’t immune from police harassment … until one day in June 1969, when the patrons of a gay bar fought back.

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