Half Horse Half Women

In 1792 a woman named Mary Toft gave birth to rabbits, according to Or did she? When Mary went into labour, she began giving birth to what looked like animal parts. Her family called a local surgeon who witnessed her giving birth to little rabbits, a total of seventeen of the little creatures.

He preserved their bodies, and the story spread across the UK. It fell apart, however, when an accomplice was caught supplying baby rabbits to Toft. She admitted that she’d been inserting the rabbits in her vagina, probably to make money from the sensational story and was jailed for five months.

There are plenty of strange tales on the internet, but if you’re expecting, you might want to avoid trying to track them down. If you’d like to see regular birth footage or images, we have a great collection. Warning: some of them are quite graphic!
The one half of you to the left of the hyphen is Greek; the other half is American. This can create polla problemata. That little hyphen can become the twisted rope in a perennial tug-of-war between the two cultures, the two poles that you run to, back and forth, back and forth, the two foundations that you were fashioned out of. Which do you identify with more?
It’s like living in two different worlds.

You know how it goes—stuck on the “N” train in rush hour traffic half-way between 49th and 42nd Street on a grey, below-zero Monday morning, freezing your bun off, you get visions of the turquoise, crystal-clear beaches outside your giagia’s white-washed stone house in Zakinthos. You look around to the blank, empty faces of the poor miserable souls around you, and you harken back to the Friday night, actually Saturday morning 2:30 am in Disco Dream where you and maria and Stacy met those hot Italians, the ones who bought you the Summer Breezes that sent you gyrating to the top of the bar where Kostaki, the bartender, treated everyone to a string of sfinakia under the ceiling of your thighs. How easy it was to connect there!
Dodging the buffets of briefcases and the blows of doubled-over morning edition New York Times squeezed under stiffened elbows as the massive exodus charges to escape the closing doors, the eternal question creeps into your head again and again

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