Lion Responds to Woman in Safari Park Video

The little girl is seen with her hands pressed against the glass window of an enclosure. On the other side sits a majestic lion, its nose just inches from the child’s own.
The pair appear happy in each other’s company. The little girl is seen staring into the lion’s eyes and looks around at her family before going in to give the lion a kiss.
She presses her lips against the glass – but receives a very different response to the one she expected.
Instead of returning the girl’s affection, the lion instead stands on its hind legs and starts furiously pawing at the glass as if to maul the child.

But while such a ferocious response from one of nature’s greatest hunters might cause most to run away, the little girl appears to take it all in her stride.
Though her eyes and mouth open in shock, she remains at the glass and simply watches as the lion continues its display.
The remarkable moment was caught on camera at a zoo and has gone viral since being posted on social media.