These cattle are referred to in French as Race de la Moyenne et Haute Belgique, or, more commonly, Blanc Bleu Belge. Alternative names for this breed include Belgian Blue-White; Belgian White and Blue Pied; Belgian White Blue; Blue; and Blue Belgian.The Belgian Blue’s sculpted, heavily muscled appearance is known as “double-muscling”. The double-muscling phenotype is a heritable condition which results in the increased number of muscle fibers (hyperplasia) rather than the normal enlargement of individual muscle fibers (hypertrophy). This particular trait is shared with another breed of cattle known as Piedmontese. Both of these breeds have an increased ability to convert feed into lean muscle, which causes these particular breeds’ meat to have a reduced fat content. The Belgian Blue is named after their typically blue-grey mottled hair colour, however its colour can vary from white to black.

Amazing and interesting stunts are extensively liked by visitors in diverse kinds of such entertainment places around the world. Folks usually desire to see such astonishing activities which are done by different animals in zoos. For this purpose, management of different zoos tries to arrange some experts who are trainers and order to train these animals. Even they do not care about their lives while giving them training.

Diverse kinds of such horrible scenes have happened with several trainers all round the world. Some heartbreaking calamities took places in different areas of India. A female trainer who was trying such stunt along with the snake that is large in size for entertaining people. This female trainer has faced a crucial problem by a python that attacked her when she was performing stunt. This big dragon has swallowed that lady within no time. This is a horrible scene ever in history.

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