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Pakistan-Russia relations had been tense for decades. Initially, capitalism vs communism days made Pakistan turn towards U.S., supporting capitalism. Resultantly, Pakistan was working on anti-communism agenda. However, Pakistan tasted bitter fruits during Pakistan’s war with India in which Russia overtly and covertly supported India. Likewise, in the Afghan war, again, Pakistan sided with U.S. and provided support to nurture Taliban that was supposed to fight against the Soviet forces. On the other hand, India kept supporting Russians. In return, India had privileged to have its support militarily.

Anyway, things have changed with time and there is a twist in international relations. For instance, Iran nuclear deal, U.S. inclination towards Cuba after 6 decades, Russian’s new role in Afghanistan turmoil, Pakistan’s mediating role in Yemen war and so on. New bonding between Russia and Pakistan is another such case.
Russia has shown interest in CPEC like Central Asian countries, European countries etc has shown willingness to join One Belt, One Road (OBOR).

The question arises why Russia wants to join CPEC?
Firstly, Russia is a landlocked country. It needs access to warm water. Pakistan is blessed with an Arabian sea, Particularly Gwadar. Some of the facts are: Gwadar is a deep port, It has the warm water whole year and it has the huge capacity. Russia with the help of CPEC can manage to access to warm water.
Secondly, the world is turning from unipolar to multipolar. That is why, Russia by connecting different countries, will boost its trade. So it can compete with the larger players in the market especially via internet business sales and by establishing business compliance package.

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Thirdly, Russia earns by selling military equipment. Since long, India has been its client. As the days passed, India has been searching for another market i.e. U.S. and France. On the other hand, Russia also needs new clients. Therefore, Russia is showing interest towards Pakistan. Recent military training between Russia and Pakistan further substantiates this point.