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21 Kids per mother
The chief census commissioner recently spoke of a household in Quetta where 64 children are living with their father and three mothers
that works out to 212 children per mother, a record of sorts y any reckoning. The folks at Guinness world records ought to be interested. Be that as it may the provincial government finally has something to crow about, because, for once, they have managed to trump the rest of the provinces in something the unfettered population growth department.

Meanwhile, the parent who fathered the children deserves a pride of performance award for his stellar performance. The government on its part will do well to wind up the population planning division and use its funds to construct a monument to ineptitude.
The father of 63 children has said that due to skyrocketing prices of basic commodities like milk, sugar, chicken meat, tomato, potato and onion it is extremely difficult for who is serving as the lower staff of government to make a living, paying monthly utility bills easy to be getting paid. Federal or provincial government need to assist us in any way they can. Special allowances should be given to us.

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He further added that federal minister of finance ishaq Dar or chief minister of Baluchistan Sanaullah Zehri is requested to accept our request as soon as possible so that we can have adequate basic needs for our children. My children are also willing to go school but due to insufficient funds I cannot afford the expenses of their schools