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Initially, CPEC with the amount of $46 billion dollars reached up to $51 billion dollars is believed to be the game changer for Pakistan-mostly on an economic sphere. It consists of energy projects, infrastructure and industrial zones which have a potential to make Pakistan the regional power in times to come. It is the matter of fact; speedy and timely implementation is likely to spread job opportunities, boost economic growth and improves trade position of Pakistan. Most importantly, it links Pakistan with central and south Asia. Furthermore, due to its greater prospects, Iran, Russia, and other Asian countries are willing to participate in this project thus; it further widens its scope.

The State of China and Pakistan have reached consensus on the basis of “one corridor, multiple passages” which aims to benefit the economic and social sphere of all the regions of Pakistan and provide effective connectivity to Gwadar port. Till now, enormous efforts are being made to advance road connectivity in the western parts of Pakistan; consequently, the Chinese side is cooperating with the Pakistani side to create favorable conditions for attracting investment in western and northern parts of Pakistan. With the implementation of various projects, CPEC will play an increasingly important role in uplifting living standard across different parts of Pakistan.

Not only CPEC will help to explore economic opportunities, connectivity across the region, industrial cooperation between difference parts of Pakistan but the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is expected to develop an extensive transport infrastructure as well.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor envisions an extensive overhaul of the existing transportation infrastructure in Pakistan and laying out of new routes for the facilitation of transit trade and enhancement of market accessibility such as Best social media platforms for business. Through which businesses target its market and seek employees who are interested to work for them.

Furthermore, schools are ready, or will likely to get ready within due time period to provide educational shelter to the poor children of the Gwadar city and other cities of Pakistan including tech schools.
The government of Pakistan and china with the help of public must create Social media campaigns so that the benefits of this multi-billion dollars can be reached to the deserving people of both the nations.