Dangerous Hail Storm

In desert areas at particular times of the year sandstorms become more habitual because the powerful heating of the air over the desert causes the lower atmosphere to become variable. This instability mixes powerful winds in the middle troposphere downward to the surface, producing stronger winds at the surface. After a climatic change in 2012 floods and sandstorms have become more frequent than before.

As some reports from mesothelioma care suggests that these sandstorms were very rarely formed before but after climatic change t has been became part of daily routine. Before these climatic changes such sandstorms were only formed in desert regions like Thar but nowadays sandstorms are being formed in urban and densely populated areas too. Just for more information here are some interesting facts about the Sandstorm
Sandstorm can reach up to 1 mile height. That is something very tall we can imagine.
Australian calls sandstorms a “Dust Devils” while American call it “Dancing Devils”
Native people who are living in nearby areas of deserts wear long robes and veils to prevent against sandstorms if their fate isn’t in their favor to get caught in one.

Not only humans but animals also get affected by these sand storms Camels can close their nostrils to keep the sand out of them in a dust storm. They can also use a thin third eyelid to brush away sand that gets in their eyes.

Video Link: http://telegraphpak.com/2017/04/09/dangerous-hail-storm-video/

Breathing in the middle of a dust storm is very hard because the sky is thick with swirling sand. It doesn’t only affect the environment but also affects the health of people who get victimized in such sandstorms. Sandstorms causes various diseases to the native people who are living in nearby areas of the desert but nowadays it has been more common in urban reas too.