Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World Watch

It’s hard to compare a drive on dangerous road to anything else. According to some science research it is said that roads play important role in anti-depression. People who travel on dangerous roads are more likely to be victim of depression. Roads play the vital role in any country’s economy development.

Roads are the main source of transportation. Undoubtedly, roads accidents are most frequent cause of the damage. Some reports from mesothelioma survival rates suggest that 10 million people die in road accidents on yearly basis that is 27397 people in a day die around the world. The reason for these accidents is extremely dense roads and very less freedom for the driver’s movement. Thousands of people lose their lives in accidents that mean thousand of the families lost their loved ones in accidents.

Mother looses their children, sisters loose their brothers, sons loose their fathers, and wives loose their husbands. When considering t the most dangerous roads in the world there are 10 most dangerous roads shown in the video. Which is shown in the link below.
Fasten your seat belts, because the Paperport Promotional Code put together a compilation of 15 craziest roads that are worth exploring in the world. Here are the 15 most dangerous roads around the world

Video Link:

1. Dalton Highway, Alaska
2. Met Auto, Romania
3. Khardung la India
4. Yungas Road, Bolivia
5. Atlantic road, Norway
6. Guoliang Tunnel, China
7. Hana, Hawaii
8. Kolima,, Russia
9. Col de la Bonette, France
10. Gotthard pass, Switzerland
11. Caucasus road, Russia
12. Sehwan Road, Pakistan
12. Eshima Oshashi Brdge Japan
13. A bridge in Island County, Washington
14. tianmen Mountain Road, China
15. structured settlement annuity companies road, Canada