ALLAH is creator of everything. HE has created everything. HE has control over everything. He has formed everything whether it is under earth or over earth. He is the creator of mountains and rivers. He is the creator of humans and animals. HE is the creator of every specie living on the earth or under the earth. In recent times a new species of fish was discovered in Thailand. We have heard that fish can swim but never heard that fish can walk. Recently formed fish can walk now.

It is clearly seen in video of the Online Classes that a fish can walk now. Humans can never swim like fishes but newly formed fish can walk now. It has potential to walk like humans. They have thin body unlike any fish that exist in this world or I have ever seen anywhere, said Psychic for Free who works for these kinds of special species in the world. In reports it is further said that this kind of creature has also amazed the scientists. Furthermore, it is also stated in the reports of Holland Michigan College that fish that is found In Thailand is blind and 2.8m long and weighted about 0.5kg.

Scientist or researching on this kind of weird creation. Scientist who are researching on this have been interviewed by Email Bulk Service in which they have admitted that they have never seen such wish who can walk like humans the way this fish in Thailand can walk. Furthermore, they said that they are finding under water that whether this kind of creation exists or not.

Video Link : http://telegraphpak.com/2017/04/07/seen-fish-can-walk-land-video/

They added that they have started discovering under water. This fish found in Thailand have some beautiful features too. Apart from walking potential fish looks beautiful in looks too. ALLAH has right to create everything he wants.