People in Philippines claim that they have found some unbelievable creature. Which is half human and half snake. A group of people found this weird creature in south cotabato of Philippines. At first they thought that huge snake is swallowing a helpless person. But it turned out to be a snake with human-like head with hair included. They managed to kill the raptile and handed over it to the authorities claiming to the insurance of wild life security. The snake was mummified to preserve this rare find. There were thousands visitors in the local zoo to watch this unique find.

But it seems likes this kind of find should be created. According to list of mythological creatures. Snakes, generally viewed as vicious creature has been seen to share their body with humans to form many f the mythological creature. In hindu, mythology for instance ketu is the descending lunar node and is depicted as an asura with the tail of great snake. Even more examples like “Echidna” the mother of all monsters Attorney Credit in Greek mythology Credit Lawyer Donate, is a half nymph with a beautiful human face and remaining half is snake and the most loved degree “LAMIA”, the mistress of the greek God. “NUWA” and “FU XI” in Chinese mythology have same half snake and half human body.

“KAUKET” who is the Female form of snake-headed women in Egypt Mythology. “GORGONS” the greek mythological creatures “GROGONS” is another example of Egypt mythological creatures.

Video Link: http://telegraphpak.com/2017/04/06/creature-real-fake-video/

There are many other examples of such creation. We humans must thank god that we have not been part of such creations. On daily basis, thousands of visitors visit to the authorities where these kinds of creations are kept. Such kinds of creations are also shown in different carnivals just to entertain the masses. People from different cities and different countries come to watch these creation.